An Open Letter to my Father

Hi Daddy.

The first memory I have of the two of us together is when I was three years old. It was “Bring Your Father to Dance Class” day, and I was all dressed up in my little pink tutu. You were understandably uncomfortable, like most of the other dads were, but you still took the time out of your day to lift me up and spin me around.

And you have lifted me up every day since then.

You worked so hard to give Danny and I a good life. I cannot imagine the strain it had to take on you, getting up at four in the morning to deliver newspapers just so that we could have food to eat.

I know that in the past we have had our disagreements. I know that I wasn’t the nicest to you when I was in middle school. I had all of these emotions and problems that, in true adolescent fashion, I thought that you just couldn’t understand. I mean, after all, I was 13 and knew everything in the world.

But you loved me through it. You loved me every time we fought and every time I put you down. You trusted me that I would work through my angst on my own. Looking back, I don’t know exactly what I did to earn this trust, but I appreciate it all the same.

After my whole “I am so much smarter than you and you know nothing” phase, we became so close. Running to the door when I heard you come home is something most girls outgrow, but I still happily greeted you every day until I left home for school.

You were there for all of my dances, being a goofball. You embarrassed me at every single store we have ever been to, but I have never resented you for it. You are quirky and weird and sometimes on a three second delay, but it’s all of what makes you, you.

Me and the (not so old) man

I have cherished our Bachelor Monday’s, NCIS Tuesday’s, and Survivor Wednesday’s. I look forward to drives home from school when we jam to country music, even though neither of us can carry a tune. I love going to Cavs games with you; it doesn’t matter if they win or lose, because we are all together.

You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. You have constantly been my soldier, always believing in me even if I didn’t believe in myself.

They say that girls marry people like their fathers. Well, my future guy has some pretty huge shoes to fill.

Someday, you are going to walk me down the aisle, and we are going to dance to one of those songs that I can’t listen to without crying like a baby. You are going to help me move into my first house. You are going to be in the hospital when I have my first child, who you can then embarrass at every store you take him or her to, just like you did to me.

I am so looking forward to it.

I love you, Carly

“I am not a princess because I married a prince. I am a princess because my father is a king.” {Anonymous}


1 thought on “An Open Letter to my Father”

  1. Carly, that is so awesome!! Brought tears to my eyes, laughter and warmth to my heart. Love you honey! (And by the way-I agree you have an unbelievable dad!)


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