To the Friends I Don’t See Everyday


I know that we haven’t talked in awhile. Some of you I haven’t spoken to or seen in months. But that’s okay.

How are you? I know you are probably super busy with jobs and school and everything. Trust me, I get it. I really do.

It’s okay that we haven’t spoken in awhile. It really is. Life gets in the way sometimes. But whether I see you every single day or only on super special days, please know that I still love and treasure you.

I have been friends with some of you for years and years, but different schools have pulled us apart. The cool thing about our relationship though is that we don’t need to speak to each other every single day to maintain our bond. I know that if I needed you, you would be here in a flash, and vice versa.

We clean up pretty good.

Others of you I have only known for about year, and you are now traveling the world, seeing new sites and learning new things. Please know that I relish seeing your SnapChats and Instas, because I am literally living through you. So if you are ever questioning whether you are posting too many pictures, you are not. Keep ’em coming!

What you don’t see in this picture: Me clinging to my friends for balance as I do a pretty poor attempt at ice skating.

For the rest, even though we haven’t known each other for very long, I’m pretty sure you know that you are stuck with me now, because I have flat-out told you. I cherish every moment we are in contact, because then I get a brief, fleeting moment of our time face to face and all the memories we have created when we talk.

Move over, Cinderella. It’s our castle now.


Just because we don’t talk everyday or see each other all the time does not mean that you are not incredibly special to me. It’s actually quite the opposite. You are so special to me, whether you are 5 minutes or 12 hours away.

And if you ever need anything, do not hesitate to ask me. When I make friendships, I invest in them. I will never be too busy for you guys.

Love you all to the moon and back.

Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are there. {Christy Evans}


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