The Final Chapter: The Disney College Program

It’s been over a month since I have left the magic and sunshine of Disney World and returned back home to Ohio. It’s been a month since I’ve been able to ride Space Mountain or see the roommates that have become my sisters. It’s been a months since I’ve been forced to say “Howdy y’all! Welcome to Pecos!” or make beef burritos.

The Disney College Program is an experience that I will never forget. Was it hard? Oh yeah. Would I do it again? 100 percent.

Disney World exists in a sort of alternate universe where everyone can be a kid. Magic is real and a mouse signs my paychecks. Time stops when you are down there.

For four months, I was away from home, away from school, away from my family, and away from my friends. I missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spent New Years Eve working past midnight. And I wouldn’t change it for anything.

The people I met are people that have changed my life. Looking back, I cannot believe that our time was so short, because our bonds grew so deep. I opened up to the people that I have met in ways that I usually wouldn’t be able to in such a short span of time.


I learned what hard work truly is. I learned how to shop for my own meals and pay bills and rely on public transportation. I learned how to grow up.

Disney taught me that I can be an adult, that I can live away from home and rely on myself to survive. It taught me that I am outgoing and personable, something I never thought I was. It taught me that the most magical times in a persons life can sometimes come when you least expect it.

As I sit in my dorm room, watching the snow fall outside, I think about my friends from work who stayed down in Disney, and I think of what they are doing. Are they watching Wishes? Are they riding Expedition Everest? When does the Festival of Fantasy Parade start again?

All of the memories I have made will stay with me as I travel through life. I am so incredibly happy that I went down to Florida, and who knows? Mickey might just see me again someday.

Yes I will.

If you can dream it, you can do it. {Walt Disney}


3 thoughts on “The Final Chapter: The Disney College Program”

  1. I am offended by the question “What time does the Festival of Fantasy Parade start again?!” The number of ER’s I got so that I could watch it… I lost a couple hundred dollars…! I loved everything else though! 🙂


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